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ABOUT Efficient Nutrition

How we started


We saw a direct need in the marketplace for affordable weight loss products.  We decided to fill this gap and create affordable products for our loyal customers.

Why Efficient Nutrition?


All of our products are BPA free.  We pride ourselves in high quality but low price goods for any age.  We also offer a lifetime garuntee on all of our products.


“These containers are dishwasher safe (I've washed them several times), the lids snap on tightly, and they have easy to follow instructions. They also stack inside themselves for easy storage..”


“I finally found a meal plan I could work with you come up with several healthy meals and you pre make them at the beginning of each week and you stick to eating those meals daily.”


“I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to think more closely about the size of their portions - even if you are not dieting to lose weight, but rather just wanting to make sure you are eating the right amount of food.”

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